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8.1.1 References
a. MIL-HDBK-1006/l Policy and Procedures for Project Drawing and Specification
b. MTL-HDBK-1006/2 Policy and Procedures for Guide Specification Preparation
c. MIL-BUL 34
Engineering and Design Criteria for Navy Facilities
d. NAVFAC Guide
Manuscripts of Specifications (shall be edited and
tailored to fit the project)
(NFGS & TS series)
8.1.2 Submittals Outline Specifications (Refer to Appendix P, Section 5 for an example). Specify the
items of work that will be included in the project. Arrange the specification sections in the 16
division format of the Construction Specification Institute (CSI). List all 16 divisions and, if no
work is required in a particular division, include a statement, "No work in this division," under
the division heading. On small projects requiring five (5) or less divisions, omit the listing of
non-applicable divisions. As a minimum, outline specifications shall contain the following.
a. General Description. An overall description of the project and a general summary
of the items of work to be accomplished under the contract. The
description/summary shall be completely self explanatory and shall not reference the
drawings or any other sections of the specifications.
b. Project Schedule. Identify the time required to complete the project, giving adequate
consideration to the procurement of long lead time items (e.g. U.S. materials);
accommodation of user Activity operating requirements and security constraints; and
the mission mandated completion date.
c. Special Work Directives that significantly influence cost, completion time and safety
or security requirements.
d. Unusual workmanship requirements.
e. Contractor experience clauses.
f. Unusual inspection/quality control requirements (e.g., nondestructive testing). Pre-Final (100%) Specifications. Typed with all Preliminary Submittal comments
incorporated, if applicable.
The Pre-Final specification submittal shall be a copy of the final documents and shall be ready
for advertisement.


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