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j. Intended purpose
k. Etc.
8.12.4 Limitation. When limitation is required, use either, "not greater than" or "maximum"
or "not less than" or "minimum" to express degrees of limitation.
8.13.1 Misused words. Can cause ambiguity, lead to misinterpretation and subsequently may
lead to litigation. If there is any doubt, to determine proper usage, use a dictionary, preferably
an unabridged dictionary or a dictionary of construction terms. Commonly misused words are
as follows:
"Amount" and "Quantity"
"Any" and "All"
"And, " "Or" and "And/Or"
"Balance" and "Remainder"
"Either" and "Both"
"Flammable" and "Inflammable"
"Furnish," "Install" and "Provide"
"Insure," "Assure" and "Ensure"
"Shall," "Should" and "Will"
8.13.2 Compound Words. Do not use compound words such as "hereinbefore" and
"hereinafter." "Herein" may be used to reference other requirements within the specifications.
When using "herein," explicitly indicate the paragraph title to which the "herein" refers to.
8.13.3 Unfamiliar Terminology. Do not use colloquial terms, jargon, and shipboard terms.
The following are examples of words that shall not be used.
a. Do not use "bulkhead" instead use "wall"
b. Do not use "deck" instead use "floor"
c. Do not use "head" instead use "toilet"


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