Quantcast Indeterminate Words and Phrases

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8.12.2 Open-ended Requirements. Do not use openended and undefined requirement phrases,
such as the following.
a. As may be required...
b. As necessary...
c. An approved type . . .
d. As directed . . .
e. As approved . . .
f. Subject to approval . . .
g. Satisfactory to the Contracting Officer . . .
When such phrases are used, the potential Contractor will not know the contract requirements
(that which will be required, necessary, directed, approved, or satisfactory to) and will therefore
adjust his bid price accordingly. In such situations, the bid price offered by the various bidders
will be related to the risk that each bidder is willing to assume.
8.12.3  Indeterminate Words and Phrases. Do not use indeterminate words and phrases;
clearly and completely describe the requirements and include measurable characteristics or
quantities whenever possible.
Do not use the phrase, ". . . unless otherwise specified," without providing the location where
it is "otherwise specified."  Other indeterminate or vague words and phrases, which are
commonly used and which should be avoided, are as follows.
a. First class workmanship
b. Securely
c. Thoroughly
d. Suitable
e. Properly
f. Good working order
g. Neatly
h. Carefully
i. Installed in a neat and workmanlike manner


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