Quantcast Delivery Order Procedures

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the basis award, -the contract maximum annual total is $
88. 5252.216-9304, ORDERING (AUT 1991)
Any services to be furnished under this contract shall be ordered by
issuance of delivery orders by the individuals designated hereunder.
orders may be issued from
(AUG 1991)
When the Contracting Office wishes to order work under the contract, the
Contractor will be provided a scope of work detailing the Government's
requirements and a cost proposed work.  The Contractor will respond with a
proposal in an expeditious manner, but in no event later than directed in
the request for proposal.
Proposals.  The Contractor's cost proposal will address the scope of
work in sufficient detail to satisfy the EIC and Contacting Officer.
Price Breakdown.  In connection with any proposal it makes, the
Contractor shall furnish a price breakdown, itemized as directed by the
Contracting Officer or the EIC.  Unless otherwise directed, the breakdown
shall be in sufficient detail to permit an analysis of all materials,
labor, equipment, subcontract, and overhead costs, as well as profit, and
shall cover all work involved in the scope of work.  Any amount claimed for
subcontractors shall be supported by a similar breakdown.
In the event there are differences in the Contractor's
proposal and the Government Estimate, the Contractor and the Contracting
Office to negotiate the extent of effort and costs of the proposed work.
(1)  If the Contractor and the Government fail to agree in whole or in
part on the unit costs or the level of effort, the Contracting Officer may
determine, on the basis of the information available, the unit prices
and/or level of effort to which the Contractor is entitled, and a
unilateral delivery order or modification thereto will be issued directing
the Contractor to proceed with the work.  However, the Contractor may not
be required unilaterally to perform work outside the general scope of the
(2)  It is most desirable to obtain agreement on all possible items of
the work at the earliest possible time.  A total unilateral deliver order
will be issued only as a last resort.
(3) The Contractor shall have the right to contest, under the
"DISPUTES" clause, FAR 52-233-1, any determination made by the Contracting
Officer under paragraph 1, above.  However, this shall not excuse the
Contractor from proceeding with performance of the contract work as ordered
or the contract work as changed
for the contract work will be on Department of Defense
Delivery orders


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