Quantcast Option to Extend the Term of the Contract

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DD Form 1155.  DD Form 1155 will be processed as described on the form.
The delivery order-will contain the following:
Date of order
Contract order and order number
Item number and description, quantity, and unit price
Delivery or performance date
Place of delivery or performance (including consignee)
Packaging, packing and shipping instructions, if any
Accounting and appropriation data
Statement of services
any other pertinent data
Delivery orders will be issued to the contractor in duplicate.  the
original shall be retained by the Government.  One copy shall be submitted
by the Contractor with the invoice for payment.
The Contracting Officer may
Oral or Written Telecommunications Orders.
issue oral or written telecommunications orders only in emergency
circumstances.  Oral or written telecommunications orders will be confirmed
by issuance of a written delivery order on DD Form 1155 within two (2)
working days.
Orders may be modified by agreement
Modifications to Delivery Orders.
between the Contracting Officer and the Contractor. Modifications to
delivery orders shall be effected on a Standard Form 30. Orders may be
modified orally-or by written telecommunications by the Contracting Officer
in-emergency circumstances.  Oral or written telecommunication
modifications shall be confirmed by issuance of a written modification on
Standard Form 30 within two (2) working days from the time of the
, Section
communication modifying the order. (See Attachment
If a delivery order is deposited in the U.S. mail, mailing time (5
working days for regular mail and 1 working day for express mail). will be
incorporated into the delivery order submittal schedule.  The Contracting
Officer will notify the A-E office when an order is deposited in the mail.
The A-E will notify the Contracting Officer upon receipt of the order.  If
delays are encountered in mailing without the fault of the Contractor, a
time extension may be granted by the Contracting Officer.
The term of this contract shall expire one year from the date of execution
However, all terms and conditions of this contract
of this contract.
shall remain in full force and effect for any project added within the one-
year term until completion of and payment for the services thereunder.
The Government may extend the term of this contract by written notice to
the Contractor within thirty (30) days prior to expiration of the first
year, provided that the Government shall give the Contractor a preliminary
written notice of its intent to extend at least sixty (60) days before the
contract expires.  The preliminary notice does not commit the Government to


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