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From: Director, Design Division
All PDE's
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Field Trip Justification Sample
Critical Items Summary Sample
Request for A-E Services Form
Record of Consultation Report
1.  Purpose.  To establish policies and procedures for Architect-Engineer Post
Construction Award Services.
This memo supersedes Design Memo No. 88-9 dated 9 May 88.
3.  Background.  Design of projects is awarded to firms having expertise in the
type of facility being constructed.  During the design, the Designer of Record
(DOR)/Architect-Engineer (A-E) develops further expertise on the project and
therefore is in a better position than the PDE to provide PCAS to the ROICC on
critical, complex, and highly technical items.  All other technical items,
unless indicated otherwise, is reviewed and approved by the CQC representative.
4.  Policy. Services for known requirements, items (a) through (d) below,
shall be negotiated under a firm fixed-price arrangement.  Only for these items
may the ROICC have direct access to the A-E.  Unforeseen consultation services
for out of scope design changes, item (e), shall be ordered by the PDE on an
indefinite quantity, maximum unit type basis.
a.  Post Award Designer and Pre-Construction Planning Conference.  Post
Award Designer and Pre-Construction Planning Conferences are generally for
large, complex, and highly technical projects and when requested by the ROICC.
(These conferences/meetings are different from that which may be included in
the basic contract.)
b.  Submittal Reviews.  The DOR/A-E shall review and recommend for
Contracting Officer's approval/disapproval all critical, complex, and highly
technical items.  Reviews requiring subjective choices such as material texture
and color shall be coordinated with using activity.  All other technical items,
unless indicated otherwise, will be reviewed and approved by the CQC
Representative and his staff.  This may include fire protection reviews by a
CQC Staff Engineer who is required to be a registered Fire Protection
Engineer.  Quality Assurance for items approved by CQC will be handled by the
C.  On-Site A-E Field Support.  DOR/A-E involvement in the field will
depend on the complexity of the project and capability of the Government and
Contractor construction team.  (Trips for familiarization and general
observation are not authorized.)
d.  As-built Drawings.  This effort should be negotiated after receipt of
marked-up drawings since it is not possible to know the level of effort
involved until after completion of the project.


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