Quantcast Development of Scone

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(6) Review of Value Engineering Contractor proposals.
(7) Review of identified critical submittals that are necessary to verify
or validate design requirements.
(8) Specialized consultation/certification (for example, nuclear
standards and hyperbaric certification).
(9) Field consultation on critical questions requiring DOR/A-E field
support for items identified under the critical items list that will be
necessary to validate or complete design requirements.  For example, witness
test pile driving to complete design by determining pile lengths, locations,
and quantity.
(10) Review of critical item shop drawings showing contractor prepared
details to verify DOR/A-E design requirements such as structural connectors,
installation details of structural members, appurtenance related to structural
strength, integrity of the system, and items of significant design or cost
Development of Scone
Assemble documents required to determine PCAS.
a. Step I.
Shall submit at the 100% design stage the
Designer of Record (DOR):
following documents:
(1) 100% specification which includes the submittal register in Section
01300, "Submittals",  identifying all submittals required by the specification.
Only items the CQC representative or Government will approve should be
identified.  CQC representative approves everything except the identified
critical, complex, and highly technical items, administrative items, and items
requiring subjective choices such as material texture and color.
(2) A separate submittal register, a duplicate of what is in the contract
specification,  also indicates recommended items that the A-E should review.
The A-E should review critical items and structural shop drawings.  Intent is
also to have the A-E spot check the CQC system for quality assurance.  This
submittal register will become a part of the A-E scope of work (should not be
revealed to the Contractor) which is used by ROICC to coordinate PCAS with the
(3) Recommended On-Site A-E Field Support Schedule, which is a schedule
of DOR field support of the design to assist the ROICC on critical items for
quality assurance.  Include reason(s) for field support with description of
services to be performed, examples shown in enclosure (1). As a general rule,
field support should be for critical design elements/phase of work. The number
of visits and A-E team composition should he based on the size, complexity,
qualifications of ROICC personnel at job site (consult with ROICC and


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