Quantcast NIBS Construction Criteria Base (CCB)

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The National Institute of Building Sciences asked how to
achieve 10 to 1 improvements in access and use of construc-
tion criteria documents such as guide specifications,
technical manuals, and standards.
CCB, the first part of NIBS answer, is now on sale.
o All NAVFAC, Corps of Engineers, and NASA guide specs;
o More construction criteria bases being added in coming
months (Like all NAVFAC design manuals);
o All on 1 CD-ROM laser disc updated quarterly -- no modems
connect time charges, or lost floppy disks;
o WordPerfect, WordStar, Samna, VolksWriter, Multimate,
MicroSoft Word, Wang IPC, WordMarc, DisplayWriter, and
ASCII output -- Full translation abilities provided;
o Full-Text Search and Retrieval -- Search any data base for
any words in about 5 seconds;
o Works with IBM XT, AT and compatible computers;
o $970 per year


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