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Unlike most large conventional data bases,  the NIBS Construction Criteria
Base is a desktop system.  Though the system is personal computer based, it
has been designed to provide the  user with many capabilities such as high
s p e e d full-text  search and retrieval. Once your IBM personal computer or
close compatible has been fitted with a CD-ROM player, it will have full and
unlimited access to CCB.  The installation process is not difficult. Quar-
t e r l y update discs will contain the entire CCB library.
o An IBM personal computer or close compatible;
o 512k Minimum Random Access Memory;
-- 20 megabytes minimum with 5 megabytes free on C:
o Hard Disk
o Enhanced Graphics Adapter (EGA) card and EGA monitor (for best
o A CD-ROM player --  So far the system has only been tested on the
Philips CM-100 player, but it is anticipated that most other CD-ROM
players will work as well;
o One open l expansion board slot for installation of the CD-ROM card.
MS -DOS or PC-DOS version 3.0 or greater;
MicroSoft HighSierra Extensions to DOS;
Software supplied with CCB;
Volkswriter 3 and SuperKey (if SPECSINTACT is used);
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