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Section 1:
Scope.  This military handbook, MIL-HDBK-1008B, establishes fire
protection engineering policy and criteria for DOD components.  The provisions
of this handbook are applicable to DOD facilities located on or outside of DOD
installations, whether acquired or leased, by appropriated or non-appropriated
funds, or third party financed and constructed.  Provisions of this handbook
also apply to alterations of existing structures and to nonpermanent
construction.  Facilities covered by this document include all types of
buildings and their contents, structures, whether considered temporary or
permanent, mobile and stationary equipment, waterfront facilities, outside
storage, and shore protection for ships and aircraft.  Matters relating to
fire department operations, staffing, and equipment are not covered by this
Cancellation.  This handbook cancels and supersedes MIL-HDBK-1008A,
Fire Protection for Facilities Engineering, Design, and Construction, dated 31
March 1988; AFR 88-15, Criteria and Standards for Air Force Construction
(Draft), December 1985, Section C, Types of Construction, pars. 1-45 through
1-61 and Section H, Fire Protection, pars. 15-8, and 15-58 through 15-97; and
AFM 88-15, Criteria and Standards for Air Force January 1975, Chapter 13, Fire
Protection.  The following Design Policy Letters are cancelled upon adoption
of this handbook:
DPL-89-0009  Fire Protection for Waterfront Brigs
DPL-89-0004  Aircraft Corrosion Control Hangars, Interim
Design Guidance
DPL-88-0008  Use of Radioluminescent Signs and Markers
DPL-88-0007  Liquid Oxygen/Nitrogen Facilities, Safety
DPL-88-0006  Occupancy Classification of Health Care
DPL-88-0003  Electrical Equipment Installed in Areas
Subject to Water Discharge from Deluge Sprinkler Systems
DPL-88-0002  Halon Fire Extinguishing Agents
DPL-87-0002  Use of Plastic of PVC Conduit for Electrical
Criteria.  Fire protection criteria shall conform to the
requirements of this handbook, the National Fire Codes, published by the
National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), except as modified herein, and
portions of the Uniform Building Code (UBC), published by the International
Conference of Building Officials, as specifically referenced herein.
Additional criteria includes portions of the Loss Prevention Data Sheets,
published by Factory Mutual Engineering Corporation (FM), as specifically
referenced herein.  Buildings which are required to be accessible to the
disabled or impaired shall meet the provisions of Federal Standard FED-STD-
795, Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards (UFAS), and the Americans with
Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990.


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