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1 MAR 1989
c. Upon PACNAVFACENGCOM receipt of fund allocation from NAVFACENGCOM and
a buy list from the activity (which has been validated by PACNAVFACENGCOM)
funds are disbursed to the Construction Battalion Center (CBC) Port Hueneme
for collateral equipment procurement action.  Fund6 may also be issued to the
activity, Resident Officer in Charge of Construction, Pacific (ROICCPAC) and
other6 as appropriate for the procurement, delivery, storage, and installation
of collateral equipment.
d.  When tasked by PACNAVFACENGCOM, CBC Port Hueneme coordinates with the
activity to purchase, receive/consolidate equipment for each project, store a6
necessary, and ship to the new facility in time to meet the required equipment
on-site date which normally coincide6 with the beneficial occupancy date (BOD).
The objective6 of the initial outfitting program are to:
a.  Identify all of the GOJ constructed facilities and the associated
collateral equipment requirements necessary for a complete and usable facility.
b.  Meet budget deadlines so required funds can be programmed during the
normal budget cycle and equipment can be delivered and installed at time of
c. Provide sufficient expense and investment fund6 that are under the
cognizance of NAVFACENGCOM, to the purchasing authority allowing adequate lead
time to meet purchasing deadline.
d.  Disseminate information concerning budget, procurement, schedules,
and changes to the initial outfitting program.
Responsibilities and Actions
a. Benefitting Activity will:
(1) Identify projects requiring collateral equipment. Forward to
PACNAVFACENGCOM (Code 09A2A2) the project budget list which specifies the.
equipment name, quantity, unit price, and total funding needs using enclosure
(1) format by 31 March, two fiscal year6 prior to the funding fiscal year.
For example, submit budget list no later than 31 March 1989 for collateral
equipment to be funded for procurement in FY91. Projects with BOD within FY89
and up to May 1990 will be considered for FY89 funding. Activities having
projects with equipment that have longer delivery times should request for an
earlier fiscal year funding. Update this list annually on 31 March.
(a) The following item6 may be included in the budget:
1.  Purchase price and reasonable escalation cost (use the
current NAVCOMPT Note rates) of the item.
2. 4% packing, crating and handling costs.
3. Refurbishment cost when considered economical.


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