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4.1 Paragraph Numbering:  Limit the levels of paragraphing to no
more than four (see paragraph titled "Paragraph Number System") to
the maximum extent possible.  This presents the information in a
form which is simple, easy to read, and considerably less confusing
than when a document is written with a higher number of levels.
4.2 Paragraph Number System:  The numbering system used in NFGSs
is a modification of the CSI paragraph numbering system.  It was
developed to facilitate use of the WANG equipment to number or
renumber the paragraphs in an NFGS automatically.  The system is
described in detail in the "User Manual for the Guide Specification
System (GSS)" published by FACSO.  The system is as follows:
1, Major paragraph
2, Subparagraph
3, Sub-subparagraph
4, Sub-sub-subparagraph
4.2.1. Tabulation of Information Under Levels:  Information under
e a c h level may be divided into tabulations for clarity.  If used,
t a b u l a t i o n s shall be in the following format:
First sub level
( 1 ) Second sub level
( a ) Third sub level
4.3. Paragraph Titles:  Titles must be provided for main
paragraphs and first tier subparagraphs.  Main paragraph titles
s h a l l be in capital letters.  Titles for subparagraphs shall have
t h e first letter of main words capitalized.  Paragraph titles and
subparagraph titles shall not be underlined.  When the first few
words of the first sentence of a paragraph are the same as the title
of the paragraph, the title may be used as the first part of the
sentence.  A v o i d the use of such titles as "General," and use titles
that describe the content of the paragraph.
2 . 1 . 1 Availability of Utilities Services:
4.4 Tables and Forms:  A v o i d tables and forms in specifications.
Some tables and forms cannot be reproduced by the word processing
system nor can they be transmitted by telecommunication.  However,
i f one of these formats must be included in a specification, refer
to DM 6.2 for guidance.  S k e t c h e s , plates, drawings and figures
s h a l l not be included in project specifications.
Y-SPEC 1/89


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