Quantcast Section 8 Preparation of Solicitation Amendment

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1.  INTRODUCTION:  Amendments. Modifications, and Change Orders
may be employed to modify documents. but reliance on them to correct
poorly prepared drawings and specifications should be avoided.
However, d e s p i t e best efforts and planning. situations do develop
that require changes.  If changes are required. immediate action
shall be taken to effect the issuance of an Amendment in accordance
w i t h established procedures.
2.  DEFINITION:  Solicitation Amendments are written and/or
graphic instruments that are issued prior to the Opening of Bids
w h i c h clarify, revise. add to, o r delete from the original Ridding
Documents or previous Amendments.
3.  PURPOSE:  The primary purpose of an Amendment of Solicitation
i s to correct errors or omissions in Drawings and Specifications,
C l a r i f y questions raised by bidders, or issue new requirements.
i n c l u d i n g decisions to decrease or increase the scope of certain
work.  Amendments are used wherever it is necessary to change the
Bidding Documents in any way. for example:
To change date, time, o r location of receipt of bids.
To change time for completion of the work.
To change quality of the work.
To change a method, sequence. or manner of performance of
the work.
To change materials and equipment to be salvaged.
T o change government-furnished facilities. equipment.
m a t e r i a l s , services, or site.
To add. delete. o r revise Drawings and Specifications.
4.  COST ESTIMATE:  Submit each amendment with a detailed cost
estimate.  The estimate may either incorporate the cost changes as a
r e v i s i o n of the previously submitted construction cost estimate or
may be a separate estimate.  The former is the preferred manner.
Should the construction cost be unchanged as a result of the
Amendment, a statement of "No Change In Cost" shall be submitted
with the Amendment.
Y-SPEC 1/89


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