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5 . 1 P r o p o r t i o n :  Keep the value of the work in mind.  It may
sometimes be advantageous not to issue numerous Amendments for
n o n c r i t i c a l changes that can be deferred, especially those that
d o not affect cost.  Numerous minor changes may be covered with
simple statements.  Combine numerous minor changes into one
5 . 2 T i m e l i n e s s :  Bidders must be given corrections and
a d d i t i o n a l information in time to actually use them in the
p r e p a r a t i o n of bids.  Questionable matters should not remain
u n c l a r i f i e d .  It is NAVFAC policy and in conformance to the
requirement of NAVFAC P-68, Paragraph 14-208, that an Amendment
not be issued within 10 days of bid opening date.  A minimum of
10 calendar days should be allowed between issuance of an
Amendment and the date for bid opening, except, when in case of
emergency, a Level I Contracting Officer makes a determination
t h a t a shorter time period is appropriate.
5 . 3 H a s t e :  Do not attempt to make major last-minute changes
b y issuing a few simple inadequate statements in a hastily
prepared Amendment.  I f it is imperative that a last-minute
Amendment be issued, advise the PDE.
5 . 4 C l a r i t y :  B i d d e r s often wish to forward copies of
A m e n d m e n t s to Subcontractors for insertion into working sets of
documents.  The Amendments should be easily reproducible by.
o f f i c e copying machines.  Amendments shall be typed on 8-1/2" x
11" white bond paper, and shall be submitted with bond original
and one copy to the PDE.
5.5 Page Numbering of Amendments:  The Amendment number shall
f o l l o w the specification number at the bottom of the page,
Amendment No. 0001
2 of 5
5.6 Amendment Numbers:  Amendment numbers will be assigned and
inserted in accordance with OICC Far East Code 02 instructions.
6.  FORMAT:  A Solicitation Amendment shall be prepared
utilizing Standard Form 30, of latest issue, entitled "AMENDMENT
Standard Form 30 will be issued by OICC Far East Code 02.
example on page 8-3.)
The Technical Sections of the Amendment shall be prepared on
s u c c e s s i v e pages by A-E or the specifier in accordance with the
g u i d e entitled "Guide for Preparation of Amendment and Change
Order Request."
Y-SPEC 1/89


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