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Terminology used in the specifications and on the drawings should be the same.
If the terminology used on the drawings should vary and revision of the
drawings is not practicable, the specifications must reconcile such
differences in a manner similar to the following"  "Hollow tile (noted as
'clay tile' and 'terra cotta tile')".  The specification sections should be
cross-checked carefully with the drawings to verify that no conflicts or
ambiguities exist and that each reference to drawings in the specification
sections includes the phrase "as indicated".  References to the drawings
should be minimized to avoid possible conflicts.
Related Information
Information related to the preparation of specifications is contained in the
chapter titled "Criteria".
11.5.1  Naval Facilities Engineering Command Guide Specification (NFGS)
Over the years the repetitive projects constructed by the Navy have resulted
in the establishment of many standards of construction, materials and
procedures.  In addition, legal and regulatory requirements have caused
standardization.  As a result the Naval Facilities Engineering Command and
NORTHDIV have developed guide specification sections (NFGS sections) to cover
a considerable number of these situations.  NFGS sections are master text
specification sections which are edited to suit a particular project.  The
edited versions form the project specification.  NFGS sections are arranged in
Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) 16 Division, 3 part format.  Each
specification section contains technical notes ("criteria notes") which
explain how to properly edit the section to suit the requirements of a
project.  There is currently a library of approximately 400 NFGS sections
NFGS sections shall be used by the A/E in the preparation of project
specifications.  The A/E shall carefully edit, modify, and supplement these
sections to ensure they are coordinated with the project design.  In the
absence of suitable NFGS sections, the A/E shall provide appropriate non-
proprietary technical sections to accommodate unique project requirements.
Such technical sections shall be prepared in the same format as the NFGS
sections.  (As an aid to the A/E, NORTHDIV has a number of miscellaneous
specification sections which are not NFGS sections but which have been used in
previous NORTHDIV projects for unique items which are not covered by current
NFGS sections.  A copy of this listing will be provided to the A/E at the
Specifications Briefing.  One hardcopy of such sections will be provided to
the A/E upon request.  Such sections will require editing and modifications to
suit the needs of the A/E's particular project.)  In addition, it should be
noted that NORTHDIV has developed regional requirements for some NFGS sections
(particularly those covering Asphalt Concrete Paving and Fire Alarm Systems).
These NORTHDIV "regionals" shall be used for NORTHDIV projects in lieu of the
standard NFGS sections.
Construction Criteria Base (CCB)
The Navy has participated with other federal agencies to develop the
Construction Criteria Base (CCB).  CCB is a fully indexed, mass produced
criteria library on compact disks.  Included is design criteria and NFGS
sections.  CCB is updated quarterly (once every 3 months) to include the most
current criteria and NFGS sections.
CCB includes the computer program "SPECSINTACT".  SPECSINTACT is for use in
editing NFGS sections to create project specifications.  Since 1 January 1989
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