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costs shall be categorized by CES Standard System numbers, the same way costs
are categorized under the base bid item.  Grand total costs for each additive
bid item shall be summarized on the backup sheets and Markup Summary Sheets
and transferred to the Building Budget Estimate Summary Sheet, Cost Analysis
Sheet and Cost Tracking Sheet as Additive Items priced under CES standard
system numbers 011, 012, 013, etc.
b)  Markup Summary Sheets:  The Markup Summary Sheets shall be prepared
per the instructions given for the Schematic Submission, except as follows:
Design contingency for all systems shall be eliminated, i.e.,
reduced to 0%.
2)  The percentage allowances used for the general contractor's
overhead shall be adjusted, if necessary, to reflect the estimated cost for
the general contractor's overhead from the completed Checklist of Overhead
Cost Items form.
c)  Building Budget Estimate Summary Sheet:  The Building Budget
Estimate Summary Sheet (or NAVFAC 11013/7 summary sheets) shall be updated to
reflect final design cost estimate totals.
d)  Cost Analysis Sheet:  The Cost Analysis Sheet shall be updated to
reflect final design cost estimate totals.
e)  Cost Tracking Sheet:  Systems costs at final design shall be
transferred to the appropriate heading on the cost tracking sheet.  Deviations
of +/-10% or more from systems costs and total cost listed for the Design
Development Submission shall be explained in the spaces provided with
particular emphasis being placed upon systems which have been lowered in cost
to account for corresponding increases in costs in other areas.
Cost Estimate Completion Checklist
(1)  The cost estimate completion checklist serves as a mechanism
to confirm that all costs have been properly addressed in the estimate and
that the estimate has accounted for costs unique to the project type, location
and time of advertisement.  A blank Cost Estimate Completion Checklist is
attached to this chapter.
(2)  The A/E shall address all questions on the Cost Estimate
Completion Checklist, providing explanations or additional information where
appropriate.  If adjustments to the Backup Cost Estimate, Markup Summary
Sheets, Building Budget Estimate Summary Sheet, Cost Analysis Sheet and Cost
Tracking Sheet are necessary due to responses to the checklist questions, such
adjustments shall be made prior to making the final submission.
(3)  Of particular note in the Cost Estimate Completion Checklist
is the requirement for a list of 5 contractors in the area of the project who
have had similar construction experience and with whom the A/E has had recent
good experience.
Submission of Bidding Documents
Cost Documentation Required
The A/E shall submit the following cost engineering documentation to form the
cost estimate for Bid Document Submission:
a)  For projects involving new buildings or additions over $500,000 ECC,
new family housing or other projects over $1 million ECC:
12 -


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