Quantcast Construction Contract Modification (Change Order) Estimates -Cont.

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Forms).  This is the same format as that required from the construction
contractor so as to assist the ROICC and to simplify negotiations.  Clearly
state the conditions and scope of the change with a breakdown of direct costs.
Prepare separate estimates of direct costs for deductive and additive costs.
Prepare a separate estimate for the prime contractor's work and for each
subcontractor involved in the changed work.  If necessary, contact the
cognizant ROICC for information on the division of work between the prime
contractor and subcontractors.  Transfer the total direct costs for labor,
material and equipment for each item to the front side of the NAVFAC 4330/43
form.  Lump sum items will not be accepted in either the prime contractor or
subcontractor breakdown of cost items.  The standard overhead rates shown on
the form may be used for field and home office overhead expenses.
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