Quantcast Design Analysis - aeg_nd0210

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a)  Extracts of the criteria upon which the mechanical design
will be based.
b)  Facility Energy Analysis Input Data including (NOTE:
Facility Energy Analysis is required for new, occupied buildings and
for HVAC replacements in existing buildings.):
1)  Name of the computer program proposed for use in the
analysis.  (NOTE:  A computerized energy analysis is required for
buildings over 8,000 SF which are both heated and cooled and for
buildings over 20,000 SF which are heated only.  Manual calculations
are acceptable for buildings under 8,000 SF which are both heated and
cooled and for buildings under 20,000 SF which are heated only.)
Weather Data and Indoor Design Temperatures.
Operational Schedules.
"U" Values of walls and roofs.
Personnel Loading.
Lighting Levels/Loads.
7)  Sensible and latent loads imposed by equipment
processes (including domestic hot water).
Fuel Prices (coordinate with Utility Data Sheets).
9)  Approximate total building heating and cooling loads
(coordinate with Utility Data Sheets).
c)  General description of each logical alternative mechanical
system being considered, including discussions on:
1)  Advantages, disadvantages and suitability of each
alternative for the proposed project.  Include discussions on the
types of mechanical equipment proposed with each alternative and how
each alternative meets the annual energy budget and minimizes annual
energy consumption.
2)  All assumptions made and any unusual requirements or
building features.
3)  The type(s) of HVAC control system(s) to be used with
each alternative.
4)  Space requirements to accommodate mechanical equipment
for each alternative with sketches of installation including ductwork
and piping.  Show single line ductwork for the proposed installation.
Alternate energy sources being considered, when
6)  A general cost comparison between each alternative,
including projected energy costs (coordinate with Utility Data
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