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Type of heating medium.
Location and type of heating plant.
Basis for selection of type of fuel.
(1)  Outside air ventilation for system and for
each room based on .125 CFM/SF or 15 or 20 CFM/occupant in accordance
with ASHRAE 62.
Operation of system in summer and winter
Infiltration air quantity during heating
Type of smoke control and smoke ventilation
system, if applicable.
Exhaust systems (show air balance sketch).
(1)  Description of system, including equipment
and location of major components.
(2)  Air conditioning and heating loads for each
area and the total block loading for the systems.  Show minimum and
maximum number of persons in each area.
(3)  Special humidification or dehumidification
requirements, as well as filtration requirements.
Special architectural features to reduce
cooling loads.
3)  Miscellaneous Mechanical Systems:  Describe and sketch
any special mechanical systems such as compressed air, hydraulic,
nitrogen, vacuum, oxygen, engine exhaust, dust collection, etc. and
include an explanation of the source of the medium.  Provide
calculations for system/equipment sizing and show appropriate
standards and compliance thereto.
Heating Plants and Heating Plant Additions:
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