Quantcast Design Analysis - aeg_nd0212

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(the layout of overhead sprinkler piping is not required).
Show fire
pump and associated piping.  Specifications:  Provide an outline of each technical
section appropriate to the design.  Identify the grade, class or type
of mechanical materials in the outline.
Submit the following:
a)  Basis of Design:  Submit a narrative presentation of facts
which clearly indicate the proposed mechanical systems selections and
major equipment selections.  All system and major equipment
selections shall be substantiated by the Energy Analysis and
Calculations required below, including analyses of alternatives
examined and brief statements of the rationale for the various
selections.  Include the following:
1)  Energy Analysis:  Submit the completed energy analysis
with all backup and supporting data.  Include the following:
(a)  All data required as part of the Schematic
Repeat the input data summary and the alternatives
(b)  Resolution of government review comments on
schematic submission, if any.
(c)  Information relative to system selection such as
availability and condition of existing equipment proposed for reuse.
(d)  Hand or computer print-out calculations and an
evaluation summary for each alternative.
(e)  Brief description of the proposed system and
energy alternatives recommended with a brief narrative supporting the
recommendation.  Selection shall be based on life cycle costs
reasonably meeting the energy budget with full consideration for
proven system performance and ease of maintenance.
Complete energy budget calculations with
Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
Design Conditions:
Outdoor design conditions.
(2)  Summer and winter indoor design
temperatures, relative humidities if applicable, "U" factors, etc.
Source of heat energy.
Type and routing of system proposed
convey heat source.
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