Quantcast Design Analysis -Cont. - aeg_nd0217

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Ventilation Air Balance calculations.
Smoke ventilation system proposed.
Mechanical Equipment Selections and Layout Sketches
Piping and valve arrangements plan, section, and
Pump selections, system and pump curves (TYP).
9)  Pipe Hangar Calculations:  All pipe 3" and larger must
have hangar loads and sizes calculated.  A table shall show
10) Roof Drain Calculations.
11)  Water treatment for cooling towers, chilled water
systems and boilers.
12) Heat exchanger equipment calculations including coils,
condensers, heat exchangers, boilers, furnaces and terminal units.
Indicate entering and leaving conditions, surface area, velocity,
friction loss and heat transfer media types.
13) Heat loss calculations for underground heat
distribution systems.  Include all documentation supporting the
selection of soil characteristics (class of groundwater conditions,
corrosiveness, pH, stability, etc.) used for the system
classification.  (See NFGS-02695, "Underground Heat Distribution
Systems (Prefabricated or Pre-Engineered Types)", for guidance in
determining and classifying soil characteristics/conditions.)
Underground steam and condensate conduits shall be in separate
14) Kitchen Hoods:  Provide section showing escape and
capture velocities with expected velocities at various locations
between the hood and the appliance.  Reference criteria with
calculations.  Use "Industrial Ventilation VS-910, 911, 912 (American
Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists) in design.  Other
equipment which is hooded should not have less than 70 FPM minimum
from face velocity (DM-3.03, "Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning
and Dehumidifying Systems", page 22).  Consider hood aprons to reduce
air flow.  See the chapter titled "Facilities Protection Design" for
additional requirements relative to fire protection for kitchen
15) Economic and energy analysis to support any request
for waiver of restrictions on the use of electric resistance heating.
Industrial ventilation system calculations and
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