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(furnishing and installing) telephone instruments, inside wiring and
distribution frames.
e)  The A/E shall design and show on the drawings all inside telephone
system support facilities including, but not limited to, terminal blocks, wire
closets, terminal boxes, inside conduit, raceways, wireways, wall outlets,
supports and mounting backboards.  The A/E shall show sufficient conduit and
backboards within the facility so that the wiring, jacks, instruments, and
other system components, such as alarm and control circuits, ADP, energy
management equipment and pay telephones may be conveniently installed.
f)  The A/E shall design and show on the drawings all exterior telephone
system support facilities including cable, ducts, manholes and/or poles to the
point of connection.
g)  Telephone backboards shall be 4' x 8' x 3/4" finished plywood
painted gray with fire retardant paint.  Provide one 115 volt, 20 amp, duplex
receptacle in a surface box, served by a dedicated circuit breaker, mounted
adjacent to each backboard.  Provide #6 AWG ground wire coil, connected to the
building ground, adjacent to each backboard.
h)  Provide telephone closets/cabinets/rooms with a backboard on each
floor of multi-story buildings, stacked and connected with a minimum 3 inch
i)  Each telephone outlet shall be flush, without a cover plate, mounted
18 inches above the finished floor.  Wall outlet boxes for pay phones shall be
mounted 60 inches above the finished floor.  Wall outlets for handicapped pay
phones shall be mounted 48 inches above the finished floor.  Conduits serving
single telephone outlet boxes shall be 3/4 inch minimum.
Provide a nylon pull cord in all conduits provided.
k)  Facilities with modular furniture arrangements and flat cable
systems shall have a 2 inch conduit from the area distribution point to the
nearest equipment room/closet/cabinet.
l)  For Air Force projects, refer to AFR 88-15, "Criteria and Standards
for Air Force Construction" and Technical Bulletin No. TB 90-02 for prewiring
the facility.
a)  All underground grounding connections shall be by an Exothermic
Welding Process.
b)  All branch circuits shall have a green insulated copper conductor
"equipment grounding conductor."  Metallic conduit shall not be used as the
equipment ground.
c)  Connect the lightning protection ground (where provided) to the
transformer grounding system.
Ground bars within rooms shall have only one connection to ground.
Lightning Protection
When required, lightning protection systems shall be designed to meet the
criteria in NFPA-78, MIL-HDBK-1004/6, "Lightning Protection", and NAVFAC
Definitive Drawings as applicable.
UPS Equipment
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