Quantcast UPS Technical and Facility Support Requirements

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Custom Search  General:  All projects involving UPS shall be coordinated with
CHESNAVFACENGCOM.  Typically, UPS equipment rated 25 KVA through 750 KVA is
government furnished (CHESNAVFACENGCOM procures) and contractor installed. In
such a case, the A/E shall prepare drawings and specifications illustrating
and describing the government furnished UPS, detailing provisions for
accommodating the UPS equipment, and describing the contractor's
responsibilities relative to installation.  UPS equipment rated smaller than
25 KVA shall be fully designed by the A/E for furnishing and installation by
the contractor.
To assist the A/E, a design package is available from CHESNAVFACENGCOM
indicating equipment weight, footprint, clearances, interconnecting wiring,
etc. for UPS equipment.
This package consists of the following:
MIL-HDBK-1012/1, "Electronic Facility Engineering"
UPS Installation Drawings
Battery Catalog Sheets
NAVFAC Instructions
Sample Specifications
Recommended System Layouts
Tech Bul #19 - MOV's
Tech Bul #20 - Ventilation
This package may be obtained by contacting the following:
Commanding Officer
Chesapeake Division
Naval Facilities Engineering Command
Building 212
Washington Navy Yard
Washington, DC 20374-2121
Point of Contact:
Mr. Carl Fredericks
(202) 433-2208
The A/E shall forward copies of the Design Development and Final Submissions
to CHESNAVFACENGCOM for review as indicated in the Appendix "A".
UPS Technical and Facility Support Requirements
a)  The distribution systems shall be as indicated in MIL-HDBK-1004/1,
"Electrical Engineering - Preliminary Design Considerations", and MIL-HDBK-
1012/1, "Electronic Facility Engineering".
Ensure that all exterior and interior doors can accommodate the UPS
Provide an acid resistant floor for the battery room.
d)  Provide a battery room shower and eye wash in a non-dangerous
location.  Provide floor drains.  (Medical bulletins require the ACTIVITY to
test showers once a week for 3 minutes.)
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