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1)  A summary of the criteria upon which the electrical design
will be based.  Include the proposed pertinent standards of design, such as
voltage regulation, lighting intensities and type of lighting fixtures.
2)  General description of the proposed electrical systems
including their advantages and suitability for the proposed project.  Include
discussions on:
Primary Distribution (Coordinate with Utility Data
(1)  Describe the primary source of power, its
location, adequacy and distribution (overhead or underground).
(2)  Describe electrical characteristics of power
supply to station, or portion involved, including circuit interrupting and
voltage regulation requirements.
(3)  Estimate of total connected load and resulting
demand load and annual consumption when applying proper demand and load
Basis for selection of secondary voltage.
Type of conductors, such as copper or aluminum.
Type of conduit or duct, if used.
(7)  A statement describing pertinent standards of
design, such as voltage drop, physical characteristics of overhead or
underground circuits, clearances, etc.
(b)  Primary Service Transformation to Secondary Service
(Coordinate with Utility Data Sheets):
List primary and secondary voltage ratings.
(2)  Describe the transformer or unit substation
giving electrical characteristics.
(3)  Describe the proposed primary and secondary
switchgear and protection devices.
Secondary Electrical Interior Systems:
Lighting Systems
Power Systems
(3)  Emergency and Exit Lighting (also, see the
chapter titled "Facilities Protection Design")
(4)  Fire Alarm System - describe in the design
analysis for fire protection as detailed in the chapter titled "Facilities
Protection Design"
Telephone system
(d)  Describe major pieces of equipment and electrical
characteristics/requirements.  Furnish catalog cuts.
Special Electrical Systems:
20 -


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