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descriptions.  (NOTE:  Do not put sketches into the specifications.  The
lighting fixtures sketches located in the back of NFGSs 16510 and 16530, if
used, must be transferred to the drawings.)  The schedule and details shall
show fixture type, fixture dimensions, lens description, mounting height and
support method, number and description of lamps, voltage and special
Symbols List (90% complete) which includes:
Description of toggle switches with voltage and AMP indicated.
2)  Description of receptacles with voltage, AMP, number of poles
and wires indicated.  Indicate NEMA configuration.  Specifications:  Provide an outline of each technical section
appropriate to the design.  Identify the type of electrical materials in the
Design Analysis:
Submit the following:
a)  Basis of Design:  Supplement the Basis of Design discussions
provided for the Schematic Submission to reflect the resolution of government
review comments, if any.  (NOTE:  If there is no schematic submission, include
discussion on all applicable items listed under the Schematic Submission)
b)  Calculations as follows (NOTE:
Calculations shall reference all
design criteria used on the first page):
1)  Capacity and Load Calculations (60% complete):  Transformer
sizing initially based on WATTS/SF but refined by final submission utilizing
actual building loads with associated demand factors.  Building transformers
shall be sized on the demand load with approximately 20% spare capacity added.
2)  Lighting Calculations (90% complete):  Document that interior
and exterior lighting levels meet applicable criteria (MIL-HDBK-1190 or IES).
Progress Submission  Drawings:  Submit the following drawings developed to the percentage
completion indicated or adding/showing the information indicated:
a)  Drawings required for the Design Development Submission further
developed as follows:
Existing Site and Removal Plan (100% complete)
Electrical Removal Plan(s) (100% complete)
Electrical Site Plan (100% complete)
4)  Lighting Plan(s):  Add/Show:  Type and size of wiring serving
the light fixtures.  Indicate the circuit number next to each home run.
Provide hash marks indicating the quantity of conductors (see MIL-HDBK-1006/1,
"Policy and Procedures for Project Drawings and Specifications Preparation").
Power Plan(s):
(a)  Circuit numbers next to each home run.  Show hash marks
indicating the quantity of conductors (see MIL-HDBK-1006/1).  Indicate the
size of all grounding conductors.
Provide a note as follows:
"The size of conduit is
20 -


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