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d)  Give the construction contractor as many choices of material as
possible consistent with design requirements.  Define sizes on drawings and
materials in the specifications.
e)  Review referenced publications to confirm that the type, size, and
class designations used in the NFGS are the same as are used in the applicable
reference publications, especially referenced publications which have been
updated since the NFGSs were issued.
Specify disposition of electrical items to be removed.
g)  For Air Force projects which include switchgear, switchboards and
panelboards add the following statement to the specifications:
"Switchgear, switchboards and panelboards shall be constructed and
assembled by the same manufacturer that produces the protective devices
housed in the completed line-up, housing, or enclosure."
h)  In NFGS 16402, "Interior Wiring", paragraph 2.13.1 add:
"Bus bars
shall be copper."
i)  For 400 HERTZ systems, the derating factors for 60 HZ equipment
shall be specified.
j)  In NFGS-16510, "Interior Lighting", paragraph 2.11.2, delete the
option of providing "self powered luminous" exit signs.  Also, in paragraph
3.1.1, delete the option of allowing the contractor to wire exit signs and
battery pack to separate circuit.
k)  Include NFGS 16670, "Lightning Protection", edited to suit the
project when appropriate.
l)  Provide a detailed breakdown of the contractor's responsibilities
and requirements for UPS installation and start-up.
m)  When indicated in the Appendix "A", include system start-up and test
procedures, including acceptance checks, for all electrical and electronic
systems and subsystems.  See the chapter titled "Preparation of
Specifications" for more information.  Design Analysis:  Submit the following:  Supplement the basis of
design discussions as necessary and revise the previously prepared
calculations, if required, to reflect resolution of government review
comments, if any.  At this stage, the design analysis, including calculations,
shall be 100% complete.  Submit/resubmit the following calculations:
a)  Capacity and Load Calculations (100% complete):
As required for the
Design Development Submission.
b)  Lighting Calculations (100% complete):
As required for the Design
Development Submission.
c)  Generator Sizing Calculations (100% complete):
As required for the
Progress Submission.
d)  Short Circuit Calculations (100% complete):  Short circuit analysis
utilizing actual available circuit current at the point of connection (as
available from utility company, the ACTIVITY or NORTHDIV) and motor
contribution from the facility shall be provided to document the sizing of all
Voltage drop calculations (100% complete):
Provide for:
20 -


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