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prevention, and industrial hygiene criteria.
b)  General description of the proposed facilities protection systems
including their advantages and suitability for the proposed project.  Include
discussions on:
1)  Fire Protection Systems:  Identify occupancy classification,
construction type, building separation/exposure protection, fire
separations/areas, alarm and detection systems, and automatic extinguishing
2)  System Safety:  Identify items requiring special safety
measures. (Required only if the Appendix "A" specifically indicates that a
Hazards Resolution Report is required.)
3)  Physical Security and Loss Prevention:  Identify secure areas
and level of security required.  (Required only if the Appendix "A"
specifically indicates that the project involves a secure area.)
4)  Industrial Hygiene:  Identify suspected health hazards and
proposed means for mitigation.  (Required only if the Appendix "A"
specifically indicates that certain health hazards may be involved in the
Design Development Submission  Drawings and Specifications:  Facilities Protection related design
items, particularly fire protection, are typically shown and described in the
drawings and specifications of other design disciplines, specifically
architectural (fire partitions, doors, floors, exit requirements, etc.), civil
and mechanical (water supply, fire extinguishing, etc.) and electrical (fire
alarm and detection, exit lighting, etc.).  Refer to the appropriate design
discipline chapters contained herein for specific requirements regarding
technical preparation of drawings and specifications for facilities protection
items for the design development submission.  Coordinate the preparation of
drawings and specifications for fire protection items with Attachment 21A,
"Fire Protection Design Analysis".
(NOTE:  Complex fire protection systems or projects involving solely fire
protection shall be designed and prepared using drawings designated as "FP" in
lieu of showing such information on the drawings of other disciplines.)
Design Analysis:
Submit the following:
Basis of Design:
1)  Fire Protection:  Submit a fire protection design analysis, in
narrative form, for each building or facility involved in the project.
Reference all appropriate criteria requirements applicable to the project and
explain how these requirements have been incorporated into the design.  The
design analysis shall address all pertinent fire protection issues and design
guidelines as outlined in Attachment 21A, "Fire Protection Design Analysis".
Submit the narrative along with the "Fire Protection Design Checklist"
included as Enclosure (2) to Attachment 21A.  (At this stage the fire
protection design analysis shall be complete, except for those items in the
"Fire Protection Design Checklist" which cannot be addressed until the final
preparation of drawings and specifications.)
2)  System Safety:  When specifically indicated in the Appendix
"A", submit, in narrative form, a Hazards Resolution Report for the project.
This report is required when a project has been assigned a Risk Assessment
Code (RAC) of 1 or 2 and a  Preliminary Hazard Analysis (PHA) has been
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