Quantcast Carbon Dioxide Systems and Halon Systems

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10. Sprinkler feed mains shall not be used for domestic water supply,
except as authorized by Code 4042.
11. No new sprinkler system shall be designed for less than ordinary
hazard group 1 (0.15 GPM/SQ.FT.).
12. Only flows from pumps that are automatic starting or constantly
running may be used when specifying available water supply for automatic
sprinkler systems.  State in design analysis which pumps, if any, were running
during flow tests.
13. When analyzing available water supplies, allowances must be made for
large industrial or domestic water demands (which may be intermittent)
including those from other nearby facilities.
14. When conducting water flow tests directly from fire hydrants, do not
use orifice coefficients greater than 0.8.
15. Where water supplies are strong enough to permit, reduce actual field
water flow and pressure readings by 10% before inserting into specification.
16. Alarms shall be initiated by pressure switch on top of retard chamber.
For zoning of large systems, vane or "paddle" type flow switches may be used
in wet pipe systems only.  Provide water motor gongs on all systems.
17. Do not use motorized valves in fire suppression systems.
Use listed
delude valves.
C. Carbon Dioxide Systems and Halon Systems
1. No new halon systems shall be installed, except to protect
strategically critical weapons control, command, and communications systems as
approved by NAVFACENGCOM Headquarters.
2. Where total room and/or underfloor flooding systems are automatically
actuated by cross-zoned smoke detectors, the sequence shall be as follows:
a. Upon actuation of the first detector (pre-discharge mode):
(1) A pre-discharge alarm (distinct from building general
alarm) shall sound in the protected area.
(2) The general building fire alarm must activate. Ensure that
building general alarms are audible within the protected space. Provide
general building evacuation alarm notification devices within the space. An
alarm signal shall be transmitted to the Fire Department.
b. Upon actuation of the second detector (discharge mode):
(1) Air handling equipment serving protected area(s) must shut
down, prior to start of agent discharge.
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