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1. PURPOSE: This pamphlet will be used by the AF at base, command and
possibly headquarters levels to illustrate design intent to users and
other interested parties. The format is the same used in the AF and DoD
design awards programs. We hope that with the selection of a quality
design-oriented AE firm this design will qualify as an entry and
Possibly win an award from one or both program.
2. REQUIREMENTS: Three pamphlets should be submitted to the AFRCE with
the ninety percent design submittal.
A Design Information shall be submitted in an 8-l/2" by 11" binder
having transparent sleeves for displaying inserts beck-to-back. The
preferred binder is the FUL-VU CB-10 manufactured by Cooks' Inc.,
Blackwood, NJ, which has a flexible black plastic cover and ten
transparent sleeves permanently bound by a wire binder. This type of
binder can be obtained by contacting the nearest branch of COOKS', INC.
P. O. Box 187
Blackwood, NJ 08012
Telephone: 609-931-0498
3330 Homan avenues, S.
Chicago Heights, IL 60623
Telephone: 312-493-8673
P. O. Box 51035
Los Angeles, CA 90061
Telephone: 213-321-9737
P. O. Box 24687
Dallas, TX 75224
Telephone: 214-298-6151
NOTE: All inserts in the binders are to be placed in the sleeves
without the use of glue, tape or any other fastening material.
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