Quantcast Design Information Pamphlet-Do's and Dont's

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1. Do:
Be selective in submitting prints and slides. A minimum
quantity of good pictures is better than a large number of mediocre ones.
B. Carefully check the identification form for accuracy and
C. Provide and identify at least one outstanding print or slide
that best displays the project that can be used for display and
A. Submit renderings/photographs which are all cars, trees and
parking lots - emphasize building.
B. Use colored paper or cardboard for graphics. Clear black and
white graphics are all that are required.
C. Write on the back of photographs - it shows through when they
are reproduced.
D. Tape pictures or provide project title on any sheets other than
the project identification form attached.
F. Color graphics.
G. Exaggerate in the narrative.
H. Use prints from working drawings for the required graphics -
they are hard to read and contain too much unnecessary information.
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