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The A/E shall prepare and submit minutes of the conference within 5 working
days following the meeting.  Two (2) copies of the minutes shall be provided
to the ROICC and one copy of the minutes shall be provided to all other
conference attendees.
Submittal Reviews
General Requirements
The Navy has implemented a construction contractor Quality Control (QC) system
requirement for construction contracts in excess of $25,000.  This system
requires that the construction contractor's quality control organization
review and approve all construction submittals except those specifically
reserved for government approval in the contract specifications.  Relative to
this, NORTHDIV will review and approve all fire protection and physical
security system submittals, while the A/E's submittal review efforts will
include the following:
a)  QC Reviewed, A/E Approved:  This effort will include A/E approval of
all critical items, including structural systems and critical equipment.
Structural systems shall be approved by the A/E's registered structural
b)  QC Approved, A/E Thorough Review:  This effort will include an A/E
thorough review of QC approved submittals for significant items such as HVAC,
control systems, and other equipment.  This effort will entail the same level
of A/E service as if the A/E were approving these submittals.
c)  QC Approved, A/E Spot Check:  This effort will include an A/E spot
check of QC approved submittals for composite systems where more than one
manufacturer's products/systems are combined for an end product.  A/E spot
checks will entail no longer than a 2 hour effort per submittal.
d)  QC Approved, A/E File for Future Reference:  This category of
submittal review and approval includes standard catalog information and other
submittals where no A/E review or approval effort is needed.
(NOTE:  The A/E Thorough Reviews and Spot Checks are intended as quality
assurance measures of the effectiveness of the construction contractor's QC
organization.  Accordingly, it is intended that only selected submittals
approved by the QC organization receive a thorough review or spot check by the
The A/E shall receive copies of all submittals for his record and information,
including those approved by NORTHDIV.  Accordingly, A/E effort relative to
submittal reviews shall include the logging of receipt and filing of copies of
all submittals.
A/E Level of Effort for Submittal Reviews
Submittals to be approved, thoroughly reviewed and spot checked by the A/E
will be established at fee negotiations between the government and the A/E.
The A/E's fee proposal shall include an estimate of the number of submittals
requiring A/E approval, an A/E thorough review and an A/E spot check along
with the associated hours and costs to perform these reviews/approvals based
on the assumed design and this A/E Guide.  In addition, a reasonable number of
rejections and resubmissions (disapproved submittals) is to be expected and
shall be considered part of the A/E's negotiated fee.  Accordingly, the A/E's
fee proposal shall also include an anticipated 10% resubmittal of reviews
requiring A/E approval.  If the actual number of resubmissions significantly
exceeds this estimate, an adjustment to the negotiated fee may be considered.
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