Quantcast Guide for Operation and Maintenance Support Information (OMSI) Manual

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26 Jul 89
1.  General Requirements. Provide a detailed Operation Support Instruction
2.  Description of Work. Manual shall be divided into three (3) sections
identified as "Operation", "User Guide" and "Appendix". An Outline for the
generic contents of the manual is provided on Attachment A. Manual is to be
factual, specific, concise and canprehensive.
Manual should be understandable to high school or equivalent graduate;
with minimal practical experience.
Operation data furnished by the construction contractor shall be
3.  Format. The manual shall be hound in three durable, hard-cover,
three-ring loose leaf binders that are water and grease resistant. A white
cover for the Operational Manual; and a red cover for the Users Manual.
Binders shall be for 8 1/2" x 11" sheet size and have a three inch thick
capacity. Each binder shall be referred to as a single volume.
No one section is to include information which is part of another
section.  Example, (if a total of five volumes/binders are required for the
manual, volume  number one could be for "Operation", volume number two "Users
Guide" and volume number three for the  "Appendixn.
Each volume shall be properly identified on the front face and ring
end of the hinder. Sheets in the manual shall be high quality paper and the
dividers shall be heavy duty paper with plastic reinforced holes and tabs.
Instruction sheets, drawings, etc., larger than 8 1/2 x 11" but not
exceeding 16" x 22" shall be inserted into the binders as single fold-out
A master table of contents and a master index for all volumes shall he
provided at the front of each volume. All dividers shall he plastic covered.
4.  Validation. The operation procedures shall be validated at the site, in
the presence of designated Government representatives. The validation shall
be scheduled and completed at a time mutually agreeable to. the contractor
(system installation contractor) and a designed Government personnel
(including operating personnel) and the contracting officer. Any
recommended changes to the manuals shall be made by the A/E Firm at no
additional cost prior to final acceptance by the contracting officer.
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