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Submittal Requirements.
a. Concept Submittal (1 copy required) - The purpose of this
submittal is to percent, for approval, an overall plan to be followed during
the ongoing  preparation of the manual. This submittal will include but not
be limited to providing the following information:
(1) Identify by name all systems that will be addressed in the
(2) Provide the format of the manual and include the following:
(a) Sample three-ring loose-leaf binder. Show a typical title
as it will appear on the front face and also on the ring end of the binder.
(b) Provide a sample divider.
(c) Provide samples showing the quality of paper and the
quality of reproduction proposed.
(d) Select one representative system of moderate complexity
and partially develop the various operation aspects of the system. This
development should have sufficient depth to clearly demonstrate the
arrangement and level of detail proposed for all systems that will be
(e) Other documents which, in the A/E's judgement, should be
submitted for approval.
Submittal Schedule.
a. The submittal date shown is the day the item is due at the office
of the contracting officer.
*(1) Concepts submittal - within 30 calendar days after award of
option. (1 copy)
*(2) Prefinal submittal - within 30 calendar days prior to
BOD/Acceptance. (3 copies)
*(3) Final submittal - 90 calendar days after BOD/Acceptance.
(3 copies)
b. Submittal schedule, work and services shall be completed to assure
economical, safe, life cycle operation and maintenance of the facility by
the Government.
*NOTE: Option under Poet Construction Award Servicer (PCAS)
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