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1.1  PURPOSE:  This publication provides information concerning the
policies, procedures, and instructions applicable to Architect-Engineer
(A-E) contracts awarded by the Department of the Navy, Pacific Division,
Naval Facilities Engineering Command (PACNAVFACENGCOM).
War II, the Government satisfied its needs for architectural and
engineering services by relying on in-house capability.  Subsequently,
major improvements to existing military bases, as well as the construction
of new facilities/bases resulted in legislation being enacted to authorize
Department of Defense (DOD) to contract with practicing architects and
engineers for the production of designs, plans, drawings and
specifications.  Public Law 92-582, the "Brooks Bill", enacted by Congress
into law in 1972, set Government-wide policy concerning the selection of
A-E contractors.  This law defines A-E services to include professional
services of an architectural or engineering nature as well as incidental
services that members of these professions and those in their employ may
logically or justifiably perform.  The law further states:  (a) all
requirements for services shall be publicly announced, and (b) all A-E
services shall be obtained through negotiated contracts at fair and
reasonable prices upon the basis of demonstrated competence and
1.3  DEFINITIONS:  Abbreviations used herein and in the "Statement of
Architect-Engineer Services" may include the following:
A-E - Architect-Engineer.  An Architect, an Engineer, or a firm
engaged by PACNAVFACENGCOM for professional architectural or
engineering services.  An A-E contract awarded by PACNAVFACENGCOM will
normally be for design work but may also include work listed under ES
ACOTR - Alternate Contracting Officer's Technical Representative.
BRACON - Base Realignment and Closure Construction.
CBD - Commerce Business Daily.
COMPACNAVFACENGCOM - Commander, Pacific Division, Naval Facilities
Engineering Command, who is the Officer-in-Charge of PACNAVFACENGCOM
A-E contracts.
COTR - Contracting Officer's Technical Representative.
QC - Quality Control.  A system where the construction contractor
provides most of the inspection and other quality control functions.
DFARS - The Department of Defense Supplement to the Federal
Acquisition Regulation.
DOD - Department of Defense.
EBS Electronic Bid Solicitation
ECC - Estimated Construction Cost.


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