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-Angelo Tjoumas, Code 24X25A, (202) 433-9097
or DSN 288-9097
NAVFAC Construction
-Ralph Gruen, Code 3232, (703) 325-0821 or
DSN 221-0821
-Charlie Mandeville, Code 04CP, (804) 322-
4208 or DSN 262-4208
-Major Cameron, Code POS-16, (703) 614-4177
or DSN 224-4177
NISE EAST Charleston
-Frank Mazzone, Code 415FM, (803) 743-4947
or DSN 563-2030
1.5.13  Environmental Impact Assessments:  Analysis of the impacts of the
proposed project on the human environment.
1.5.14  Value Engineering:  A systematic analysis of the functional
requirements of a project to achieve the essential functions at the lowest
lifecycle cost, consistent with the needed performance, reliability,
quality, and maintainability.  The analysis is normally done by a team of
design professionals that are independent of the original design team.  The
value engineering team's analysis and recommendations are documented in a
formal report submitted to the Navy.
1.5.15  Master Plans:  Preparation of new and also updating of existing
facility master plan documents.  Includes Capital Improvement Plan, AICUZ
studies, regional studies, General Development Plans, etc.
1.5.16  Criteria Preparation:  Preparation of engineering technical
manuals, definitive drawings, and guide specifications in accordance with
Military Handbooks 1006/2, 1006/3, and 1006/4.
1.5.17  Post Construction Award Services (PCAS):  Services required during
construction such as:  consultation, equipment/material submittal reviews,
inspections, and the preparation of as-builts and OMSI.  (See Section 4)
1.5.18  Partnering:  A method of contract execution and management which
strives to draw on the strengths of the partners to identify and achieve
common goals.  Partners establish an effective working relationship and
work towards the common goals identified.  The objectives are effective and
efficient contract performance, intended to achieve completion within
budget, on schedule, and in accordance with plans and specifications.
Through commitment, trust, communications and shared objectives, partnering
creates an attitude of teamwork and an atmosphere for effective problem
solving.  This results in a win-win situation for all members of the
partnerships.  Partnering is not intended to change any of the contract
Participation is totally voluntary and cost associated with effectuating
the partnership will be agreed to by all the parties involved.  Partnering
may be established during the "Design" and "Construction" phases.
In general, whenever a Construction Contractor agrees to participate in
"Partnering," the A-E will also be given the opportunity to voluntarily
participate in the partnership.
1.5.19  Operation and Maintenance Support Information (OMSI):  Preparation
of operation and maintenance manuals for complex facilities.  The A-E will
normally prepare the OMSI manuals using the information and submittals
provided by the construction contractor as required by NFGS-01781,
"Operation and Maintenance Data."


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