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Drawings" obtained from the Government or others, unless specifically
stated otherwise in the "SCOPE".  Failure to ascertain existing field
conditions which were visible or whose existence would have been determined
from existing maps, aerial photographs, drawings and plans, specifications
and basis of design, design calculations and soil boring reports for past
construction will be considered an A-E deficiency and the A-E shall make
corrections to the plans, specifications and cost estimates as required by
CONTRACTOR (APR 1984)", Appendix B.
Copies of Information:
a.  Older drawings:  Will not be loaned to the A-E, however, single
14" X 20" copies can be made on a self-service basis on the PACNAVFACENGCOM
microfilm machine.
b.  Original drawings, specifications, etc.:  The Government will not
print copies for the A-E.  The A-E may borrow these originals to have
copies made or have a commercial firm pick up the originals at
PACNAVFACENGCOM and return the originals within 2 working days.
2.10  PERMITS:  PACNAVFACENGCOM (Environmental Branch) will obtain permits
from local bodies or other Government agencies required for dredging,
utility connections, demolition, easements, rights of way, FAA clearances,
pollution abatement, etc., however, the A-E may be responsible for
providing the necessary technical data required for submission.  The A-E is
also responsible for identifying permit clearances, etc., required to
execute construction.  Notify the PDE of any additional permit requirements
that are identified during the process of design development. The following
list covers specific subject areas requiring permits:
Categorical exclusion (CE) documentation
FONSI (Published in local newspaper for 30 days) issued for
environmental assessment (EA)
ROD (Published in local newspaper for 30 days) issued for
Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)
45 days notification for underground storage tank (UST) closure
COE permit for dredging
COE permit for in-water construction
COE permit for construction in the vicinity of wetland
Demolition and renovation permit
US Coast Guard permit for bridge construction
Water quality discharge certificate (DOH)
Dewatering Permit (NOI)
Storm water discharge permit (NOI)
Discharges of treated effluent from underground storage tanks
Discharges of once-through non-contact cooling water (NOI)
Discharges of hydrotesting water (NOI)
Injection well permit
Part B permit (Legislation)
Industrial wastewater discharge permit
Solid waste management permit
Oily soil stockpile permit
State DOH authority to construct permit (ATC)
Prevention of significant air quality deterioration (PSD)
Discharge of treated process wastewater effluent associated
with well drilling activities


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