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$1 million or more unless:  1) the facility will be procured with an
incentive type contract or 2) that CAP04B evaluates and documents that the
value engineering study is expected to cost more than 10 percent of the
project savings.  FACD studies that evaluate alternate systems and document
the design and cost components of that evaluation can meet this VE
requirement.  PDEs on projects with an estimated construction cost of $1
million or more should contact Code 04B to determine how the VE requirement
can best be met.
3.1.4  Concept Submittal:
May be required. The design concept shall
include as applicable to the project, but not be limited to:
a.  Executive Summary of user approved scope and design concept.
Summarize functional requirements.
Basis of Design.
c.  Cost Estimate and Back-up Data and Statement of probable cost for
the construction of the proposed facility as compared with historical cost
data for similar construction in the same geographical area.
d.  Site plan showing building footprint on contoured base map.
Indicate all utility lines and new utility connections, access roads, paved
areas, vehicular and pedestrian circulation paths, and existing adjacent
e.  Floor Plan.  List of all rooms and spaces required for the
facility.  Indicate net square foot area for each room/space.  Indicate
total gross square foot area of the facility as proposed by the design.
Scaled freehand floor plans/drawings.  Label all rooms/spaces.  Show
furniture and collateral equipment layout.  Separate drawings as required
for larger projects.
f.  Scaled freehand building elevations.
Indicate materials, finish,
and texture of envelope.
g.  Perspective sketches which show all four sides of the facility.
Sketches must show proposed form, colors, and materials to be used.
Design Quality Control Plan (DQCP) requirements as per paragraph
60% Submittal (Optional):
Include as applicable to the project:
Basis of Design
Design Calculations
Preliminary Cost Estimates
Furniture Layout
Collateral Equipment List
OMSI Outline
Soil Investigation Report
Review Comments and Markup of Conceptual Design
DQCP Requirements as per paragraph 3.2.1
100% Submittal:
Include as applicable to the project:
Drawings: Complete with NAVFAC Dwg. Nos.; CADD files; and hard copies.


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