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b.  Government Review and Approved:  Administrative and selected fire
protection items, and items which require user review/selection, such as
door keying schedules, color samples, carpet, wall paper, etc. will be
reviewed and approved by a Government representative vice the A-E.
3.1.11  Critical Items Summary:  Provide narrative description of those
items and construction sequences which are critical to the successful
completion of the project, and therefore, should be given the ROICC's
special attention during construction.  Each item shall be identified by
specification paragraph and drawing number/detail as appropriate so that
Government representatives can properly identify it.  Generally a project
should have 5 or more items that are considered critical. A-E shall perform
a coordination check of critical items to compare the biddability of plans
and specs.  Items such as hard rock, storm water runoff, safety, etc. (See
Appendix J for samples.)
3.1.12  Recommendations on Field Consultation:  Provide a list of those
items of construction for which field consultation of the A-E is
recommended.  The list should include sophisticated, unique, specialized,
nonstandard and critical items of construction critical to the successful
completion of the project; items which have a high potential for latent
defects or which because of failure would have a high impact on the
operation, function, system, structure or equipment.  (See Appendix J for
3.1.13  Other Submittals:  The basis of design, calculations and soils
studies shall be legible, neatly bound and indexed.  Include the A-E's
name, the project title and the construction contract number on the cover.
Clearly state design data and cite reference sources when unconventional
design methods or formula are employed.
obligation of the A-E to provide professional quality, technical accuracy,
and coordination of all designs, specifications, cost estimates, studies
and other services is extremely important and has far reaching
Ambiguity, omissions, and uncertainties on construction
contract drawings, specifications and other technical documents generally
result in higher awards and construction modifications.  Liability for
design errors and omissions will be pursued.  An independent thorough check
by the A-E shall be accomplished on all plans, specifications, cost
estimates and other required technical data prior to any scheduled review.
This independent quality control review shall be for the purpose of
eliminating errors, omissions, interferences, and inconsistencies between
all design disciplines and consultants; inconsistencies between drawings,
specifications, and cost estimates; and for the incorporation of criteria,
review comments and guide specifications, as appropriate.  PACNAVFACENGCOM
does not provide detailed checking or coordination services.
Design Quality Control Plan (DQCP).  The heart of PACNAVFACENGCOM's
design quality assurance program is the A-E's Design Quality Control Plan.
It is the outline of how the A-E will ensure that the design fulfills our
customer's functional requirements, meets the criteria, and depicts our
customer's functional intent through carefully coordinated and completed
drawings, specifications and other technical documents.  The Command will
review the plan.  The DQCP outlines the A-E quality control (QC) process
throughout the design for each specific project, and for each phase of
work, from the FACD Submittal to the Final Design Submittal.  As a minimum,
the DQCP shall include the following:


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