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d.  Indicate equipment model numbers, capacities, ratings, etc.
Place the note "as-built condition shown" in the revision block once the
necessary changes have been made.  When no corrections are necessary, place
the words "as-built" in the revision block.  Date, initial and stamp
"RECORD DRAWING" on the tracings.  PACNAVFACENGCOM CAP04 or his authorized
representative will sign the Record Drawings in the revision block.
4.4.7  Preconstruction Conference:  Generally, A-E required only for large,
complex and highly technical projects and when requested by the ROICC.  Be
prepared to answer questions regarding the plans and specifications.
Submit within 5 calendar days, written documentation of answer(s) to the
ROICC, with a copy to the PDE, for any questions/problems not resolved
during the preconstruction conference.
4.4.8  Designer/ROICC Conference:  Generally, required to familiarize
Government personnel with important aspects of large, complex, or unusual
projects.  Provide a project overview and address important or unusual
design features, emphasizing those features that required special
attention.  Address each discipline involved in the project design and
significant/critical items, with the subconsultant(s) addressing their
areas of expertise.  Provide the PDE 10 days prior to the conference, a
written outline of the proposed outline with handouts for review.  Make
revisions identified by the PDE.  Provide each conference attendee with a
written outline of the presentation.  Tailor presentation for each project
with the following topics being generally appropriate for all projects.
General Requirements
(1) Project constraints (construction limits, utilities)
(2) Early submittals for long lead-time items
(3) Project phasing, coordination, scheduling
(4) Storage of materials on site (heat, humidity)
(5) Special qualifications for workers
(6) Quality control
(7) Environmental impacts and construction control measures
(8) Testing requirements
(9) Borrow and disposal sites
(10) Traffic constraints, traffic management plan
(11) Interfaces with other projects, systems, etc.
Site Work
Sequencing of demolition/removal
Deep excavation
Pilings or caissons
Subsurface conditions
Drainage, erosion, sedimentation
Turf variety/establishment
Horizontal control, bench mark
Quality control/testing
Admixtures/special treatments
Surface treatment/finishes
Expansion joints/control joints
Special forms (i.e., overhanging)


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