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Custom Search  Procedures:  Follow the procedures in Chapter 3 of P-355.1, unless
directed or agreed to otherwise in writing by the PDE.
a.  In general, consider the dynamic characteristics of the structure
to determine the distribution of lateral forces in irregular structures
with highly unsymmetrical plans, large differences of stiffnesses of
adjacent stories or other unusual structural features.  See NAVFAC P-355,
P-355.1 and P-355.2 for more details.
b.  For the above cases a dynamic analysis is required.  Ground motion
for the site will be determined by the A-E.  A coordinated effort by the
structural engineer and the geotechnical consultant is necessary to achieve
the design objectives.
6.2.7  Geochemical Evaluation:  Certain sites which have a history of
industrial use and potential for chemical contamination may be selected for
indepth evaluation of geochemical conditions.  Such evaluations will
generally require adherence to special precautions with regard to personnel
safety and sampling handling.  Government approval of an A-E prepared
health and safety plan and sampling program will be required prior to
initiation of the field effort.  Conduct geochemical sampling and testing
in accordance with standard EPA methods or other approved procedures.
6.2.8  Geotechnical Investigation:  Required for all projects which result
in disturbance of or imposition of loads upon the surface of the earth.
General guidance regarding the extent of field effort and laboratory tests
required for various types of projects is contained in DM-7.01.  Accomplish
geotechnical work under the supervision of a professional geotechnical
engineer who has experience in "responsible charge."  A professional
geotechnical engineer with "responsible charge" is defined as a registered
professional civil engineer (or registered professional geotechnical
engineer with the State of California or other states that register
geotechnical engineers specifically) with at least 8 years of experience in
geotechnical engineering, of which at least 3 years shall be in
"responsible charge."  The geotechnical portions of the project drawings
and specifications shall be reviewed by the geotechnical engineer to ensure
geotechnical issues are adequately addressed.  Provide the preliminary soil
investigation report at the initial stage of design; and furnish the final
soil investigation report, including logs of exploration locations, and
additional soil borings, test pits, testing and investigation, with the 100
percent submittal.  The number of borings and/or test pits and their depth
shall be sufficient to obtain data for selection of foundation systems and
design criteria and to provide a sound basis for construction cost
estimates.  A Professional Geotechnical Engineer shall certify the adequacy
of the soil and foundation aspects of the design.  Inspection:  For structures, the geotechnical engineer should make
a minimum of one field inspection during construction of the foundation.
6.2.9  Review and Final Submittal:  When required as part of a design
project, review and submittal shall be as described elsewhere in this
Guide.  When awarded as a separate contract, review and submittal:  Review:  Submit six copies of the draft of the final soils report
for review.  Incorporate the review comments into the final submittal.
Resolve any questions or comments with the PDE before making the final
Final Submittal:


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