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Fifteen copies of the report.
Originals of the report.
c.  Material prepared or resulting from the contract such as field
books, logs, maps, worksheets and field notes.
Borrowed material.
6.3  SURVEYS:  The Government will furnish information regarding the
existing horizontal and vertical (horizontal control monuments and
benchmarks) of the Activity.  Tie into these control systems the location
and elevations of all major project structures, pavements, and other
features.  Where the project location is remote from the activity control
monuments, utilize assumed local base lines or benchmarks when approved by
the PDE.  The plans and specifications shall require the construction
Contractor to provide permanent standard NAVY monuments in these areas and
supplemental monuments in other areas.  For surveying and mapping, the
"SCOPE" will state if computer graphics data base compatible with
PACNAVFACENGCOM system is required in addition to prints.
6.3.1.  Field Surveys:  Generally consists of topograph site surveys,
alignment surveys, profiles and cross-sections.  Site surveys shall be in
sufficient detail to permit the establishment of finish grades and to show
all existing structures, pavements, utility lines, obstructions, etc.,
within the limits of work.  Obtain information concerning:  drainage areas;
connections to existing roads; size of existing utilities; and data
required to connect new utilities to the nearest source of adequate supply.
6.3.2  Topographic Surveys:  Services for siting, grading and development
of a particular project site and the establishment of property lines.  Also
includes surveys to establish metes and bounds for legal descriptions for
real estate holdings and for acquisition of new easements and real estate.
Set sufficient number of semi-permanent survey points to serve as initial
horizontal and vertical survey control for the construction of the project.
Show and describe the horizontal control points and benchmarks on the
plans.  Also show datum of elevations on the plans.
6.3.3  Maps and Survey Data:  Maps or other survey data furnished by the
Government are for assistance only.  The A-E shall field check and verify
the data to ensure that all survey information used in the preparation of
plans and specifications is accurate and complete.
6.4  FIELD INVESTIGATIONS:  Service required to obtain the necessary field
data incidental to the proper accomplishment to the work required under the
contract.  Investigate and evaluate the adequacy and characteristics of all
existing systems including utility systems (water, gas, electrical, storm
and sanitary sewer system, steam, fire alarm, etc.) with respect to the
additional loads to be imposed by the project and interfacing of the new
requirements with the existing systems.  Verify all pertinent information
of record relative to existing conditions at the site of construction by
and on-site investigation.  Ensure that new work will fit into existing
space without obstruction.  After the design has progressed to a point
where the alignment and size of work in existing spaces is known, make an
on-site investigation to reconfirm that the design is consistent with field
conditions.  After the alignment and depth of new subsurface work (building
foundations, utility lines, etc) has been determined, make an on-site
investigation of the alignments utilizing underground detectors for the


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