Quantcast Formal Approval of Revised CADD Generated Drawings

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"C" associated with it.)  Identify each revision on the drawing by a
capital letter and numerical subscript enclosed in a circle:
Using "Rev. A" as an example:
a.  Each revision made on the drawing shall have a circled A with a
numerical subscript placed in the lower right-hand side of the A within the
circle.  Number these A's consecutively with no duplication.  If 7 A's are
placed on the drawing, there shall be 7 little indicator numbers, the last
one being number "7," i.e., A7.
The A placed on the revision block shall also be circled and shall have a
numerical subscript placed in the lower right of the A indicating the total
number of circled A's placed on the drawing; in this example, A7.  This
makes it possible for the construction Contractor to glance at the revision
block and tell how many circled A's there are.
b.  The numbers of the A's indicating that particular type of work
shall be placed before the description of that work under the "Description"
heading in the revision block, i.e.:
1 & 2 Revise gutter details; 3 & 4 Revise
10 Jan 93
road alignment between Stations 1+00 and 2+00;
5, 6, & 7 add guys to pole line
7.14.3  Formal Approval of Revised CADD Generated Drawings:  When a CADD
generated drawing is revised after formal approval signatures have been
placed on the original drawing, the following policy is provided to ensure
proper approvals have been received:
a.  If revisions are minor, accomplish the revisions by the following
two-part procedure:
1) Use manual drafting to revise the original drawing. Indicate
all drawing changes by placing a revisions token next to each change.
Record the revisions in the revision block on the original drawing and
obtain approval by the approval authority.
2) Update the CADD file on the computer to show the same revisions
made manually on the original drawing.
b.  If revisions are major, update the CADD file on the computer and
plot a new CADD generated original drawing.  Since the new plotted drawing
does not have the stamped information, signatures and dates, use the
following procedure:
1) The new CADD generated original drawing shall supersede the
past original drawing that has been revised.  Include a note in the new
CADD generated original drawing's revision block stating:
The date used shall be the Commander, NAVFAC previous approval
2) Reuse the same NAVFAC drawing number for the new drawing.


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