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7.19  PROFESSIONAL REGISTRATION STAMP:  The stamp and signature of a
registered professional architect or engineer, who is a principal of the
A-E firm, is required on the first sheet of the drawings.  The first sheet
of each design discipline's drawings, such as Civil, Architectural,
Structural, Mechanical, Fire Protection, and Electrical, shall also be
stamped and signed by the appropriate registered professional architect or
engineer.  Sheet C-1 should be stamped by a registered civil engineer,
Sheet A-1 should be stamped by a registered architect, etc.  For sewage
treatment plants and other unique type designs, ensure that the letter
designation of the type of design per paragraph 7.13 coincides with the
appropriate design discipline.  In addition to the professional
registration stamps, an officer of the principal A-E firm (or a partner, if
the firm is a partnership) shall also sign every drawing in the title block
in the space marked "Submitted By."  THE A-E'S ATTENTION IS CALLED TO THE
(APR 1984)."  Appendix B.
7.20  ENVIRONMENTAL DRAWINGS:  Environmental drawings shall be stamped by
the registered architect or engineer who prepared the drawings.  Drawings
will be listed after the Fire Protection drawings and be designated by
"ENV-1", "ENV-2"..."ENV-16", etc.
7.21  AMENDMENT TO ADD NEW DRAWINGS:  The A-E shall add the new numbers and
titles to the original Title Sheet/Index Sheet in Plan files.  Penciled in
numbers and titles are permissible.  If there are a lot of new drawings,
then prepare a new Title Sheet/Index Sheet.
7.22  AMENDMENT TO ADD SKETCHES:  The A-E shall indicate in the revision
block of the original Title Sheet/Index Sheet in Plan Files the sketch
numbers that have been added.


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