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Materials (types, finishes, gages, strengths, weights, quantities).
Equipment specifications.
c.  Systems descriptions sufficiently complete that reasonably accurate
cost estimates can be made.
8.1.3  100% Specifications:
Typed in "SPECSINTACT" format with 60% review
comments incorporated.  Project Cover Sheet (A-E):  A signature line for the Principal of
the Prime A-E and lines for consultants' firm name have been added.  The
Prime's signature attests that coordination of the specs with the drawings
has been made for all disciplines.  As a matter of clarification, the firm
name of each preparer of the specifications (not the drawings) is required.
Refer to the sample attached at the end of this section.
8.1.4  Final Specifications:  Typed in final SPECSINTACT format with 100%
review comments incorporated.  Type on only one side of 8 1/2 x 11 inch white
bond paper.  Magnetic Media Requirement:
Submit the final SPECSINTACT with SGML
text on CD-ROM in EBS format.
8.1.5  Coordination of Specifications and Drawings:  Coordinate drawings and
specifications to preclude inconsistencies or ambiguities between
specifications and drawings.  Basically, the drawings should illustrate the
extent, size, shape, and generic types of materials and the relationship
between materials.  The specifications should describe the materials, their
quality and installation requirements, and the method of construction.  The
specifier must review the drawings during preparation and after their
completion to assure that materials and systems appearing on the drawings
have been covered in the specification and that all requirements to
accomplish the work are adequately covered in detail on the drawings or
described in the specifications to assure complete coordination.  Quite
often, a simple detail, section, or note on the drawings makes it possible to
eliminate lengthy descriptive material from the specification and, at the
same time, clarify the designer's intent.  Eliminate conflicts and
duplications between drawings and specifications.  Terminology Used in Drawings and Specifications:
The terminology
used in drawings and specifications shall be consistent.  Cross-Reference to Drawings:  Specifications and Drawings for
Construction (FAR 52.236-21) Appendix V states:
"Where 'as shown', 'as indicated', 'as detailed', or words of similar import
are used, it shall be understood that the reference is made to the drawings
accompanying this contract unless stated otherwise."  Use of these terms is
discouraged.  They are redundant because the provision of items shown on the
drawings is already part of the contract.  To repeat the requirement creates
a source of possible conflict or omission.  The Contractor is not obligated
to provide an item if it is not indicated on the drawings.  If any of these
phases must be specified, ensure that the information is on the drawings and
that the item on the drawings is the item being specified.
Cross-Referencing in Specifications


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