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(E) Total
(F) Contract
(G) In-House
Construction Start
(Insert at the end of Block 12 Supplemental Data just prior to the
`Attachments' section.)
The PCE Submission must provide a breakdown of Primary and Supporting
Facilities costs in order to transfer costs to the Budget Estimate Summary
Sheet and DD 1391 PLUS.  The Primary Facility includes all construction
items inside the five-foot line.  The five-foot line is an imaginary line
around the footprint of the building and all work within this area is
considered as building cost.  An exception is that special construction
features (e.g. special foundations), unique to the building because of the
location, are to be included under Supporting Facilities.  Supporting
Facilities are all construction items outside the five-foot line such as
utility services, site improvements, roads and parking, building
demolition; or special construction features unique to the building because
of location, such as special foundations (piling, engineered fill,
vibroflotation, etc.), sound attenuation considerations, and contaminated
soil removal.  All data included in the PCE document should be further
refined from the Team DD 1391 PLUS document, including costs, sketches,
etc.  The PCE should look like Exhibit F with the exceptions identified
above, and the PCE block checked on the cover sheet.
9.4.4  Schematic Design Submission:  Prepare utilizing the "SUCCESS"
program and the parametric cost models.  Since little design has been
developed, careful attention should be exercised to insure all major
elements are properly considered and evaluated.  The Schematic Design
Submission Cost Estimate shall include a system quantity and unit cost for
every system in the project.
9.4.5  60% Submission:  Prepare in as much detail as possible.  Although
the detailed system estimate may lack full definition at this stage, there
should be a fully developed listing of the major systems of the project
complete with unit costs.  It is recognized this estimate is based on
preliminary drawings and quotes and that revisions to the cost are likely
as the project drawings and specifications are further developed.
9.4.6  100% Submission:  Developed from complete drawings and
specifications.  The estimate shall be based on a fully developed and
accurate quantity takeoff with current unit prices.  Also provide the
"Basis of Estimate".
9.4.7  Final Submission:  Should require only minor revisions to the 100%
Cost Estimate.  The estimate should reflect any final adjustments in the
project cost to assure the estimate is in line with market conditions
expected at the bid date and incorporate all changes that result from the
100% submission review.  Provide the "Basis of Estimate" and a copy of the
estimate on a 3 1/2-inch floppy disk.  A sample final cost estimate is
included as Exhibit B.  Estimator shall provide a signed statement
certifying that the cost estimate is based on the final drawings and
9.4.8  Amendment Estimates:  Amendments are issued to cover changes to
contract documents after advertisement of the project, but prior to bid
opening.  Submit a detailed estimate, identical to the requirements of the
final estimate, of the costs due to the amendment.  Also include a revised


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