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as-built construction. These drawings shall be available for review by the Contracting Officer at all
times. Upon completion of the work, both sets of the marked up prints shall be certified as correct,
signed by the Contractor, and delivered to the Contracting Officer for his approval before acceptance.
Requests for partial payments will not be approved if the marked prints are not kept current, and
request for final payment will not be approved until the marked prints are delivered to the Contracting
(End of clause)
The Contractor shall provide complete resumes for proposed substitutes, and any additional
information requested by the Contracting Officer. Proposed substitutes should have comparable
qualifications to those of the persons being replaced. The Contracting Officer will notify the
Contractor within 15 calendar days after receipt of all required information of the consent on
substitutions. No change in fixed unit prices may occur as a result of key personnel substitutions.
(End of clause)
(a) The contract will be administered by an authorized representative of the Contracting Officer. In no
event, however, will any understanding or agreement, modification, change order, or other matter
deviating from the terms of the contract between the Contractor and any person other than the
Contracting Officer be effective or binding upon the Government, unless formalized by proper
contractual documents executed by the Contracting Officer prior to completion of this contract. The
authorized representative as indicated hereinafter:
(1) The Contracting Officer's Representative (COR) will be designated by the Contracting Officer
as the authorized representative of the Contracting Officer. The COR is responsible for monitoring
performance and the technical management of the effort required hereunder, and should be
contacted regarding questions or problems of a technical nature.
(2) The designated Contract Specialist will be the Administrative Contracting Officer's
representative on all other contract administrative matters. The Contract Specialist should be
contacted regarding all matters pertaining to the contract or task/deliver orders.
(3) The designated Property Administrator is the Administrative Contracting Officer's
representative on property matters. The Property Administrator should be contacted regarding all
matters pertaining to property administration.
(End of clause)
Within 14 days of contract award, prior to commencement of the work, the Contractor will meet
in conference with representatives of the Contracting Officer, at a time to be determined by the
Contracting Officer, to discuss and develop mutual understanding relative to scheduling and
administering work.
(End of Clause)
JUNE 1999


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