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Visit Request for Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard for the CIA.
Only company
vehicles are allowed in CIA areas.
At least six (6) weeks prior to entry into the CIA, submit a Visit Request
for Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard form PHNSY 14ND PH-SYD-55l2/28 to the
Contracting Officer (R115).  (See enclosure (3) for sample.)  The Visit
Request must include certification of U.S. citizenship.  Entry into the CIA
for those listed on the Visit Request may be authorized under one of the
following conditions.
(a) Contractors having a DOD Facility Security Clearance and
whose employees have a DOD security clearance may be badged for immediate
unescorted access into the CIA.
(b) Employees and representatives having current Shipyard ID
badges authorizing CIA access will be permitted entry into the CIA.
(c) Employees not holding a current DOD security clearance or
current CIA access badge must establish suitability and eligibility based
on a Local Record Check (LRC) prior to being badged for unescorted CIA
access.  A LRC may take up to 3 weeks to process.  Provide a Completed
Special Access Determination Employment Information Form (NAVSEA 5510/15
(Apr 90)) (see enclosure (4)) for each employee.
For situations other than the above, employees or
requiring CIA access may be issued an "Escort Required"
("ER") pass for
CIA access under the escort of a cleared individual
employed by the
activity.  Processing of "ER" passes may take up to 5 days.
1. The initial submittal of Visit Request forms need not be
all inclusive.  It may be expanded to meet essential requirements of the
Contractor.  Each individual added to the list, however, shall be subject
to the same pre-entry screening requirements as outlined above.
2.  Shipyard ID badges will be issued by the Shipyard Pass
and Identification Office (Pass and ID Office) located in Building 207 at
Eighth Street and Avenue "E".
(e) Maintain strict accountability over identification badges
and passes issued by the Shipyard Pass and I.D. Office.  Report immediately
to the source of issue, any badge/pass missing or lost and the
circumstances.  Return badges to the Contracting Officer immediately upon
termination of employee, expiration, completion of contract or when no
longer required.  The Contracting Officer will ensure that all
badges/passes are returned and forwarded to the Shipyard Pass and ID Office
(Code 1125.2).
(f) Entry into the CIA is restricted to U.S. citizens and U.S.
nationals only.
(g) Restrict hours of work Monday through Friday 7:00 a.m. to
3:00 p.m.  When required to schedule work after 3:30 p.m.  Monday through
Friday or on weekends or holidays, submit to PACNAVFACENGCOM Contracting
Officer (ACQ0211) or PDE a written notification two weeks in advance,
providing specific dates, hours of work, location of work, type of work to
be performed, contract number and project title.  The PACNAVFACENGCOM
Contracting Officer will endorse request and forward it to the Shipyard
Security Office (Code 1123) for approval.


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