Quantcast Submittal Register Instructions

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Use submittal register form for the project's Submittal Register and to
track progress of submittals as they are processed.  Users may arrange
Parts "A" and "B" side-by-side.
the bracketed portion from the following sentence.
The Government will supply submittal register forms, [with columns
(a) through (e) completed to the extent that will be required by
the Government].
(1) Column (a):  Lists each specification section in which a
submittal is required.
(2) Column (b):  Lists each submittal description (SD No. and
type, e.g. SD-04, Drawings) required in each specification
(3) Column (c):  Lists one principal paragraph in specification
section where a material or product is specified.  This
listing is only to facilitate submittal reviews. Do not
consider entries in column (c) as limiting project
(4) Column (d):  Indicates approving authority for each submittal.
A "G" indicates approval by Contracting Officer; a blank
indicates approval by QC Manager.
(5) Column (e):  Indicates, for submittals to be approved by
Contracting Officer, specific reviewers other than QC
organization.  This column may or may not be filled out on the
copy supplied by the Government.
Column (f) through column (i) will be used by Contractor, QC
organization and the Government on their own copies to record data
established by the Contractor.
(1) Column (f):  As submittals are processed, list a consecutive
number assigned by Contractor for each group of submittals.
Place this same number in the appropriate block of "Submittal
Transmittal Form".  For a resubmission, repeat transmittal
control number of the original submittal with a suffix; e.g.
No. "100B" is second resubmission of material originally
transmitted under No. "100."
(2) Column (g):  List dates scheduled for approving authority to
receive submittals.  These dates are the scheduled beginnings
of submittal review period.  The Contractor proposes these
dates and the Contracting Officer approves them to establish
the approved Submittal Register.


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