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1.1  WAREHOUSE FIRE ALARM SYSTEMS:  In warehouses requiring sprinkler
protection, fire alarm evacuation systems, including manual pull stations,
are required.  Warehouses 5,000 square feet and less do not require
evacuation fire alarm systems.  The sprinkler system's pressure/flow switch
shall be connected to the base fire alarm reporting system.
1.2  HANDICAPPED FIRE ALARM SYSTEMS:  Fire alarm systems in all
structures shall be designed for the handicapped.  Examples:  Audiovisual
alarms with 100 candela strobe lights; 100 candela strobe lights in
bathrooms; audiovisual and visual alarm devices spaced to comply with UFAS
and ADA; manual pull stations at a maximum height of 48 inches above floor
level; etc.
Avoid piggybacking fire alarm systems.
1.4.1  Design/Contract Drawings:  All design drawings showing fire
detectors shall include the following note:
"Devices are shown in suggested locations.  Final quantity and layout
shall be in accordance with all applicable codes, manufacturer's
recommendations, specification section(s)
and equipment
listings.  Coordinate locations with lighting and air handling
systems.  Smoke detectors shall be located no closer than 3 feet from
all supply air diffusers."
1.4.2  Detector Spacing:  Spacing shall not exceed 25 feet apart or
12 1/2 feet from walls.  When Detectors are under floor, above ceilings or
cross zoned, they shall not be spaced greater that 15 feet apart of 7 1/2
feet from walls.  If more restrictive requirements are found in equipment
listing or in NFPA 72 (1993 edition), these requirements shall be followed.
1.4.3  Screw Terminals:  Specify screw terminals for wiring
connections for all detectors.  However, plug-in harness connectors for UL
listed devices are acceptable if submitted by the construction contractor.
1.4.4  Concealed Detectors:  All concealed detectors (underfloor
areas, attic spaces, duct detectors, blind spaces, etc.) shall either be
remotely annunciated in an occupied location or zoned separately on the
1.4.5  Heat Detectors:  All heat detectors shall be rate compensated
type.  Do not use or specify fixed temperature or rate of rise type heat
detectors except for lounge smoke detectors ( and for elevator
shafts (2.11).
1.4.6  Smoke Detectors:  All smoke detector circuits can be either
two-wire or four-wire circuits at the designers discretion.


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