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P-141, Change 3
April 1997
be provided. The PM may include some of the
Cases of conflict shall be referred to the PM for
pertinent Design Manuals, Military Handbooks,
resolution. Particular attention should be given
and other design criteria at this time. Ensure that
to 29CFR1910 subparts D "Walking-Working
current information is on hand before starting
Surfaces",  E  "Means  of  Egress",  G
each project; if not, request from the PM or
"Occupational  Health  and  Environmental
obtain from the SOUTHDIV Internet homepage.
Control", J "General Environmental Control", L
"Fire Protection" and S "Electrical Code". When
8. OSHA:
designing facilities for the handling of hazardous
materials or substances, allowable concentrations
continuing program to bring criteria in line with
of such materials may dictate the design of air
OSHA requirements; however, there may be
conditioning  or  ventilation  equipment.
conflicts with both DOD and NAVFAC criteria.
Therefore, all persons involved in design of
OSHA regulations are continually being updated
places of employment should become thoroughly
and supplemented so that new conflicts may be
familiar with the OSHA standards and apply
generated before resolutions can be achieved.
these standards wherever applicable in the design
OSHA does not apply where other Federal
of DOD facilities.
Agencies  exercise  statutory  authority  to
prescribe or enforce standards or regulations
affecting occupational safety or health. Special
OSHA requirements do not apply to conditions
covered under:
(CCB): CCB is an electronic database which
a. State nuclear safety or health standards or
includes military and other federal agencies'
regulations implementing 42 USC Section
guide specifications, design and technical
2021; 2021 et seq;
manuals, standards, cost estimating systems, and
b.Explosives safety or health standards or
other information.  Developed by NIBS in
cooperation with DOD, the CCB utilizes CD-
regulations implementing 10 USC Section 172;
ROM technology and is available from NIBS on
c. Nuclear safety or health standards or
an annual subscription basis, with a fully updated
disc provided each calendar quarter (including
regulations implementing 42 USC Sections
software and software updates). Subscribers can
2012 and 2121(b) or 2201(b) such as
also browse or download CCB documents
standards and regulations imposed by the Navy
directly from the CCB website on the Internet.
on facilities used in support of the Navy
Subscriptions can be ordered from the following
Nuclear Propulsion Program.
The A/E shall assure that facilities being designed
as places of employment are designed in
compliance with the Occupational Safety and
Health Act, PL 91-596, except as outlined above
and when conflicting with NAVFAC criteria.


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